Gabriel Auguste Herondale | 5th year | Pureblood | OPEN → Mr. Dearest
FC: Asa Butterfield 
Background Story: The Herondale family has been known for it’s long history of association within the Ministry, with many high-ranked officials lining the Herondale line. Growing up in a surrounding where the best was expected of him, Gabriel was blessed with the best of everything, from private tutors to fancy toys. While many in this situation might find themselves distanced from their parents, Gabriel has always maintained a close relationship with both of them - his mother, in particular, who’s failing health often forced her to stay in bed. When Gabriel wasn’t studying or wandering aimlessly around the mansion, he often found himself sitting in a chair next to her sleeping figure, reading quietly to himself. His interaction with others were limited to those in the mansion and those who visited, for he never had much of a chance to venture out and make friends of his own age. Gabriel is labeled as precocious by those who do and do not know him, and he certainly lives up to that. 

About Gabriel: Born into the Herondale family as the only child, Gabriel was spoiled, and grew up to be quite arrogant at times. However, identity was something that Gabriel has always struggled with, from his association with his proud family, to the modest Emmeline Carstairs, his childhood best friend. At times, he loved being in the limelight, and in others, the modesty that Gabriel had learned from Emmeline kicked in. Reading is a pastime that Gabriel has always enjoyed: he loved learning new things, to know more than others around him, and most importantly, he loved to lose himself into a world of his own. Gabriel can be considered as sweet, though often brutally honest. He isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and that is something that often lands him in trouble with his teachers and fellow classmates. The dark-haired boy can be stubborn and prides himself in his magical abilities. For Gabriel, there is no such thing as showing extreme emotions; if he hated you, you’d never know it. If he loved you, you’d never know it either, but he has an undying loyalty to the ones he treasures the most. 

Extra Information:

  • Title(s): Prefect
  • Sibling(s): None.
  • Positives: Loyal, sweet, modest, and an eager learner
  • Negatives: Spoiled, speaks his mind, stubborn, and very prideful
  • Possible Love Interest: Emmeline Carstairs
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