Sophia Pierce | 5th year | Pureblood | OPEN → The Book Worm
FC: Isabelle Fuhrman

Background Story: Ever since Sophia could remember, she’d been a reader. She could lose herself in a story, fully and completely, to the point where she’d lose track of time. One time, she read for an entire day without getting tired. Of course, the Tales of the Golden Trio were always able to do that to her, but it was a record all the same. Being born to magical parents only added to her thirst for knowledge and adventure. There was so much the magical world had to offer that Sophia often worried she wouldn’t be able to learn and experience it all. So she kept herself busy, reading anything and everything her parents bought her, often even venturing into muggle literature. The Classics were her favorite. The epic tells of a hero’s journey against the most impossible of odds. And on the day that she got her Hogwarts letter, Sophia knew that it was going to be the start of her very own epic adventure.

About Sophia: As expected, Sophia was sorted in Ravenclaw when she arrived at Hogwarts. The Sorting Hat just couldn’t look past the girls thirst for knowledge, though it did ask if she was willing to sacrifice the adventures she would have had if she were to be placed in Gryffindor. She knew that if she were to achieve knowledge, then the adventure was soon to follow. Sophia is a friendly girl, if anyone could get her out of the library long enough to hold a conversation with her. She’s also curious and wants to absorb anything and everything Hogwarts has to offer. This has led her to being a Chaser on the Ravenclaw team, something she seems to have found a natural talent in. She looks up to Alex Orrick, and thinks that with the girl as their Captain this year, there’s no way they’ll lose. Anything she can join that will further her knowledge, she’ll do it. This leads her into trouble sometimes as she’s often blinded by her thirst for adventure. We wonder if Sophia will join the DA in their quest or if her curiosity will lead her down a dark road that she won’t be able to come back from. After all, curiosity did kill the cat…

Extra Information:

  • Title(s): Chaser
  • Sibling(s): None
  • Positives: Friendly, Adventurous and Clever
  • Negatives: Curious, Oblivious and Naïve
  • Possible love interest: Any Male
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